Who are the lawyers helping Robert Mueller in the Russia investigation? -
WASHINGTON — The team of lawyers investigating potential coordination between Russia and the Trump campaign is still growing, but its early composition reveals a breadth of experience in criminal law and in following the money.
The team includes a former Fulbright Scholar in Russia, a criminal law expert who’s argued dozens of cases before the Supreme Court, a former FBI counterterrorism agent, a veteran prosecutor who took down mobsters and went after Enron executives, and a lawyer with experience in the Watergate case.
At the top is Robert Mueller, who spent 12 years as director of the FBI before retiring from the bureau in 2013. He left the WilmerHale law firm last month to serve as special counsel in charge of the investigation.
The group he’s already assembled — with experience in international organized crime and the fundamentals of criminal and national security law — suggests he’s prepared to dig deep in a wide-ranging and probably lengthy investigation.
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